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The co-founders of Bioreline drew their inspiration from their passion for nature and beauty.

Together, they developed an innovative and unique technology: the Vegebiotic to make cosmetics closer to nature, and even more efficient.

This innovative technology underlines the benefits of plants to create products with a high level of active ingredients and respecting your skin:

The plants

Plants are renowned for their virtues on the skin. They are used in cosmetics because they guarantee the effectiveness of the products. Moreover, our concentrated formula in organic active ingredients provide visible and long lasting results.

The manufacturing process

Bioreline has developed a unique method controlling and optimizing the timing and the temperature of our ingredients as well as the speed of mixing in order to fully retain plants, infusions, waxes and floral waters properties. Thanks to this unique technology, the skin is protected and hydrated for hours on end whilst the plant properties are slowly and regularly extracted.

The floral waters selection

To fully respect the sensitive nature of the skin, Bioreline has changed water in the formulas into organic floral waters form distilled plants extracts.. It guarantees an extreme purity of ingredients and an active participation in the efficiency of our products.

The selection of vegetable oils

Bioreline has carefully selected a range of antioxidant pure plant oils, enriched with vitamins, omega 3 and omega 6. Their properties and virtues are recognized for their powerful effect against the skin’s ageing process.

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