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Containing a complete synergy of active anti-ageing ingredients, this smooth and creamy volumising mask leaves your skin radiant, supple, firm and silky smooth.

The plumping and moisturizing effect of the Hyaluronic acid combats fine lines and wrinkles whilst slowing down the skin’s natural ageing process. Rich in vitamins and extremely soft on the skin, it is also a powerful cell regenerator. It makes up for the lack of essential fatty acids and fights against dehydration.


Apply the cream mask once to twice a week. Apply a medium-thick layer on the entire face and neck on a clean, dry skin.

Leave for 15  to 20 minutes then rinse with clear water.

Dry with a handkerchief.

Then apply a Bioreline cream suited to your skin.

TIPS The vitamin mask can be used in night care for thirsty skin. It can also be used as a cream for eyes contour to reduce dark rings.. Pure balance mask
Vitaminized mask with hyaluronic acid  Source of invigoration