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This refreshing and delicate fruity gel gives you a “healthy look”.

The combination of floral waters and the concentrate of vitamins (A, B, C, D & E) contribute to re-energize the skin while respecting its delicate nature.

Applied under a cream, this refreshing gel penetrates immediately leaving the skin nourished and hydrated to produce a naturally healthy glow to your face.

Used as part of your regular routine, this serum revitalizes your skin to provide you a beautifully natural radiation.

Can be used as eyee contour to reduce dark circles.

Dull or tired-looking skin.


Apply daily, morning and evening, 1 dose on the face and neck on clean skin. Put some serum over your face and tap with fingertips to make it penetrate.

For daily comfort and protection, apply a Bioreline cream.

To follow a complete program, you can also use a Bioreline mask.

Bioreline serum can be alternately or complementarity used.

TIPS The Bioreline Vitaminized Serum can be used around the eyes to reduce dark circles.


The Vitaminized Serum has a double moisturizing effect, it brings water to tissues while reducing evaporation.

Balance serum
Vitaminized serum   Beauty booster